Morgana kundanpassar dina produkter

Your vision is our reality

Tailor-made furniture, furniture accessories and components for construction sales.Morgana’s product concept is the basis of a unique solution that wears you signature. We do not force our customers into boxes determined by range and production. Instead we work together to make your idea a reality. With the right application of manufacturing and technology we can support your creativity. All of Morgana’s wall systems can be adapted in whatever way necessary for each individual project.

Our customers work in various product areas, such as interior design for offices, bathrooms, kitchens, public spaces, shops etc.


We work with a wide range, including laminate, compact laminate, melamine, linoleum and coated surfaces on carriers such as chipboard, MDF, wood panels.

Our strength
  • We are highly skilled and have a large capacity.
  • Our competence means we are constantly adapting the product and rationalising production together with the customer, which leads to reasonable cost levels with the minimum possible impact on the environmental.
  • Our capacity means we can produce large volumes in a short space of time. That gives our customers a competitive advantage through short delivery times and lower storage costs.
  • Our holistic solutions evoke a comprehensive approach from customising the product to production, assembly and transport.
Assembly, packaging and logistics.

We can also assemble, package and distribute the products. Being situated in the highlands of Småland gives us an ideal logistical position from where we reach 80% of Scandinavia within 3 hours.

Butik Butik


Vi har stor erfarenhet av produkton till butiksiredning.

Kontor Kontor


Morgana producerar i nära samarbete med arkitekter och projektledare specialinredningar och möbelserier.