Prefabricated and customised furnishings
for effective construction processes

Smart interior design solutions are the key to projects that require optimised spaces and an effective construction process. Morgana Home are unique customised interior design solutions delivered in prefabricated modules, for quick and pain-free installation.

Morgana Home has been created to meet the needs of architects, developers and entrepreneurs who want to make the construction process more efficient without losing out on aesthetics and quality. The concept is very beneficial for projects that require special solutions and where current standard interior design is not suitable, for example in compact or temporary housing and in renovation and restoration projects.

Customised and prefabricated

Special interior design tends to be expensive because the manufacturing is often done by many different players and assembly is carried out on site. The result is that you miss out on volume benefits, at the same time as potential misunderstandings are not discovered until the final phase, which results in additional costs for delays and corrections. Morgana’s interior design concept is intended for large volume projects where all the interior design is according to requirement in terms of measurement, construction, materials, colour and finish. The interior is then delivered in the form of ready assembled modules. Efficient and pain-free.

Kitchens, storage or entire rooms?

A classic problem zone is the kitchen, where all departures from kitchen manufacturers’ standards result in difficult and extremely expensive processes. Morgana interiors give the architect full freedom to design innovative and aesthetically pleasing solutions. The concepts can, of course, be adapted to all types of interior design, from storage modules for the living room and bedroom to halls and bathrooms.

Total commitment

Morgana takes complete responsibility for construction, manufacturing and delivery of the interior design solutions. All the preparations for electricity, ventilation, IT and other cables is part our production. Morgana’s manufacturing has a high capacity and is dimensioned to meet the needs of large projects. We work exclusively with public environments and have a long experience of working with architects, developers and entrepreneurs in complex process

Effective logistics

Morgana stocks the ready-made interior design solutions and delivers them to constructions sites as needed. The construction process can continue unhindered without the need for storage or weather-protection on site.

Compact Living from a sustainability perspective

When the architect Andreas Martin-Löf was given the task of designing module-based housing with efficient use of space for construction entrepreneurs, Junior Living, the choice of specially created interior design solutions fell to Morgana.