Product certification, Product attestation



SundaHus Environmental Data is a tool for property owners to ensure a conscious choice of material. With a web-based system and certified advice SundaHus is a complete solution for working systematically to phase out hazardous substances from the entire life cycle of a building.

In the system there are services and functions for all phases of construction:

  • Programme 
  • Projection
  • Construction 
  • Management 
  • Demolition

The assessment of products is based on various qualities and is divided into four classes: D, C-, C+, B or A where A is best.

All of our construction products are grade A according to SundaHus Environmental Data, see the document archive on the right.


Assesses and retains information about environmentally assessed goods and drives product development towards a non-toxic and well constructed environment. Construction Product Assessment’s environmental assessment is carried out using criteria that evaluate, on the one hand, the properties of the substances and, on the other hand, the life cycle impact of the product. The product can be assessed as “Recommended”, “Accepted” or “To be Avoided”.


The products are assessed within seven areas that are evaluated separately. Afterwards a weighting is done of the different areas before a final decision is made. The seven areas:

  • Content declaration
  • Constituent materials and ingredients
  • Manufacturing of the product
  • Transport and packaging
  • Use
  • Waste and demolition
  • Interior environment

Most of our construction products have been labelled “Accepted” according to Construction Product Assessment, see the document on the right. For more information, email us at info@morgana.se