Designers: Daniel Lavonius Jarefeldt, Kristina Jonasson


The idea for the new table series Link began taking shape in our interior design project, where for a long time now we have noted the need for made-to-measure office furniture. Therefore Links is available in several heights, sizes and forms for varying types of work.  

It is also simple to change the material and colour of the different parts depending on the purpose.  

Below the surface hide decades of furniture knowledge and the entire surface wears a Morgana finish. And, like all our furniture, Links has something more: a task. To support activity-based working - and thus the company’s continued development.  

LINKS is designed for the offices of today and of the future. The basic idea behind Links has grown from the interior design project where a huge need for made-to-measure office furniture has been noted. Links is available in several heights, sizes and forms, adapted for different kinds of work.  

“The aim has been to develop a meeting table that is easy to adapt in size to the different environments in a project. The material and colour of the different parts of the table can, to its advantage, be changed for its set purpose. An advantage for users who then only need to work with one type of furniture.”  

Links table series has been tested by SP Borås and meets the technical requirements in accordance with EN 15372:2008.



The conference table which can be converted into a table tennis table or a meeting table (which works great for Ludo) in a flash.



Sheets of plywood with oak veneer, ash veneer or white laminate.

Frame in powder coated steel.

Cable boxes available as an optional extra

h.74 cm / 90 cm / 105 cm:

1500x1000, 2100x1000, 2800x1000

2100x1200, 2800x1200, 3500x1200

2100x1400, 2800x1400, 3500x1400, 4200x1400, 4900x1400, 5600x1400

Ø900, Ø1050, Ø1300, Ø1500



Desk also in sizes 1,200x800, 1,400x800, 1,500x800.
Column based table, size Ø900



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